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Paediatric Chiropractor in Ipswich

You may wonder why it’s important to get your child checked by a chiropractor. While many adults seek chiropractic for pain relief, parents bring their children in to help their little ones get off to a healthy start in life. At Abundant Life Chiropractic, we love to see children happy and healthy, developing as they should when their nervous system is free of interference.

The Potential Value of Bringing Your Baby in

Happy babyWe recommend that babies get checked after birth to see if there are any trauma-related issues with the spine or the nervous system. One of the things we look for during a paediatric assessment is head shape. Is it shaped normally or abnormally? We also check the upper neck and tailbone for any issues as these are the areas that misalign most.

How Chiropractic May Help

Many babies and children have stress in their nervous system that chiropractic can address. While chiropractic doesn’t cure anything, it may be beneficial in addressing common childhood conditions. These include

  • Colic
  • Digestion problems
  • Ear infections
  • Latching difficulties
  • Restlessness and sleeping issues

Appropriate for Children of All Ages

We use very gentle techniques that are designed to remove interference in the child’s nervous system so they can develop properly. Whether we’re seeing newborns, toddlers or teens, those children may experience chiropractic’s benefits when they’re young and as they grow older.
Setting Your Child up for a Potentially Healthier Life

“A lot of issues that adults experience in their twenties and thirties happen in childhood. And then things that happen in your twenties and thirties show up in your fifties and sixties. You may age quicker when you don’t look after yourself, and you feel the effects of aging earlier than normal,” said Dr Nick Stott (Chiropractor).

That’s why our chiropractor recommends getting your child checked soon after birth and continuing to bring them in for care throughout childhood. “Parents can help their children get a better head start on life with natural chiropractic care,” he added.

Offering Family Maintenance Care

Just as you go to the dentist for preventative care to ensure you enjoy optimal oral health, we believe that maintenance chiropractic can help improve your overall health. When the whole family comes in for care we offer a discount of 20% off.

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