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New Patients

Welcome to Abundant Life Chiropractic! Our friendly and high-energy environment is the ideal place to begin on the path to greater spinal health.

The First Visit

During their first visit, patients will have a consultation with Dr Stott, including a review of their health history. If, as a result of the consultation, Dr Stott feels chiropractic care might be of help, a full exam and tests will be performed (with the patient’s permission). New patient paperwork is typically completed in advance of the first visit.

The Second Visit

During the second visit, the patient will again meet with Dr Stott, who will review the results of the tests and go over the depth of any problems that have been found. If the tests show that an adjustment is needed (and if the patient agrees), the first adjustment will take place during this visit. This visit also focuses on planning – how chiropractic care will be used to help the patient achieve their desired goals.

Ongoing Care

Ongoing care is determined by the results from the initial treatments received. Some patients may need more care due to their spinal condition.

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