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Support The Immune System

The team at Abundant Life Chiropractic are here to support your overall health, including immune health. Learn more about our approach to wellness through chiropractic care and the range of services we offer.

We are here to care for the whole family from children older than 12 months all the way up to seniors! Questions? Call our friendly team at (07) 3816 0622 or book an appointment now.

 Video Transcript

I just want to touch base with you and talk about the immune system. The first video [on this topic] was juicing so nutrition wise how to really pump the the vitamins within you really quickly and the minerals. This video I suppose is Part Two.

I was walking out here with my lovely wife Diana. We’re boosting or helping the immune system through this is about disconnecting from I suppose what’s happening around the world at the moment especially in Australia is getting out into nature so this is the inaugural dam really close to Ipswich maybe 40 minutes drive to an area where you can hike around here no noise right just nature and it’s nice to come with your partner all by yourself to to feel calm and to relax and do some exercise and some walking keep it simple. That is really important because if you keep just focusing on this thing that’s going on and being at home and working and even with the kids and on holidays it can be stressful.

It’s nice to get out and disconnect. And one really easy way is to remove yourself from an environment and put yourself into another environment an environment like this where certain things and priorities can change. Things that you think important are not so much when you’re out here.

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